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Welcome to TOWER 26's remote swim training and teaching plan, providing day to day workouts with full education and accountability.

Optimizing performance takes patience, consistency and presence. There are no short cuts.
You can join at any time, during any training phase. All phases include:

  • Technique enhancement.
  • Improving specific muscular endurance and power.
  • A sensible, progressive pathway to optimize performance.

HOW TOWER 26's SWIM plan started

Our location-based athletes don't want to miss their training sessions when travelling. We built out a platform to deliver their workouts with instructional audio, video, and direct communication with coaches.
You can now follow along remotely with our beginner through professional athletes as they receive their daily training and instructional routine.


  • You will get faster.
  • You will become more swim confident.
  • You will be fresher to your bike.
  • 100% refund if our promise is unfulfilled.

Who is it for?

  • Triathletes without a coach.
  • Triathletes looking for improvements and structure.
  • Triathletes who have plateaued or stagnated.
  • Triathletes needing global triathlon swim assistance: education, coaching guidelines, technical improvement.


Our largest category of participants, accounting for 63% of our membership. They need: skill development, general improvement, confidence, effective workouts, and specific fitness. They may be timid or think “I can’t do those workouts.” They require more hand-holding. None are “Race Ready”. Some are anxious about open water swimming or had negative experiences. You will improve!


This athlete has some experience; swimming either solo, or with a training group. They account for 25% of our membership. They may have done a triathlon. They are somewhat seasoned, but seeking additional refinements, optimal comfort, effective training, and better stroke mechanics while needing more “Race Ready” prep for pool and open water. You will improve!


Generally experienced, skilled, and “Race Ready”; they account for 12% or our membership. They are the pros and competitive age-groupers needing additional coaching refinements. They can improve further through effective racing strategies and enhancing their athletic IQ in open water and pack tactics. They need optimized training sessions for both pool and open water. You will improve!
Must be able to swim 200 yards continuously, breathing to the side with your head in the water.
Level 4 Level 3 Level 2 Level 1
% of our athletes27.9%34.5%28.6%9%
100y1:50+1:30 - 1:501:15 - 1:30 < 1:15
100m2:00+1:40 - 2:001:25 - 1:40 < 1:25
mile35+ min30 - 35 min22 - 29 min < 22 min
70.342+ min37 - 42 min29 - 36 min < 29 min
IM1:30+1:15 - 1:3058 min - 1:15 < 58 min

Our Swimming Plan


Yearly structure

Technical Phase
Primary focus: Recovery and Technique enhancement.
Secondary focus: Specific muscular endurance and power.

Foundation Phase
Primary focus: Building specific muscular endurance and power, and technique enhancement.
Secondary focus: Learning how to manage training load and adaptation.

Powering-up Phase
Primary focus: Sharpening and Technique.
Secondary focus: Building specific muscular endurance and power. Becoming very fast.

Open water skill-building Phase
Primary focus: Open Water Skill Building and Technique.
Secondary focus: Building specific muscular endurance and power. Adapting to open water.

Racing Phase
Primary focus: Race Ready Skills and Technique.
Secondary focus: Building specific muscular endurance and power. Shifting training emphasis.

Pricing: $225 quarter(every 3 months)

What you'll receive

  • 4 dynamic weekly workouts sent individually. Not pre-packaged.
  • An "A", "B", "C" priority ranking distinction of the 4 workouts.
  • Detailed instruction within each workout.
  • An educational workout audio file accompanying your workouts.
  • Technical video demonstrations explaining "how to" in each workout.
  • Workouts scaled for your specific ability or fitness level.
  • A condensed version of the workout when time crunched.
  • An accountability feedback loop with a coach for each workout.
  • A mechanism to checkoff completed workouts.


  • Pull buoy (specific to triathletes)
  • Ankle strap
  • Snorkel
  • Hand paddles (specific to triathlete improvements). No substitutions please
  • Fins (specific to triathletes)
  • Tempo Trainer (for working with swim cadence rates)
  • StretchCordz (specific for strength and power enhancement)
Order here, have it delivered immediately: http://www.theswimmall.com


Level 4

Susan Olesky (62)
Level 4

I want to thank you for your support and direction. My swims for Triathlon have been stagnant for the past 10 years! As you could see with my earlier swims.
Since I began competing at AG Nationals about 6 years ago, I’ve qualified for Worlds last weekend I raced NJ State Tri and placed 1st in AG. My swim improved from 33:40 to 31:36.

Justin Titi (37)
Level 4

Since joining TOWER 26, I’ve made consistent improvements going from 25 min 1K to a 17:45 1K time trial. I’ve also taken more than 30s off my 100y. More importantly I’ve become a very confident swimmer. I look forward to the swim and see it as an opportunity to gain time on the field! The coaching staff, especially Gerry have been very supportive and instrumental in my progression!

Level 3

Jayme Okma Lee (40)
Level 3, Maine

If you're serious about improving your triathlon swim there is no better program than Tower 26. I wish I could swim with T26 in person, but the subscription plan is the next best option and I recommend it effusively. There is a daunting amount of information (and misinformation) on how to swim well - and having Gerry and his team of coaches cut through the clutter and prioritize what matters and what doesn't is hugely beneficial. The TOWER 26 workouts are no joke, and the online comments and tracking helps to keep me accountable and engaged. I immediately saw results in my swim times and swim confidence and couldn't be happier. If you follow the Tower 26 plan there is no way you won't get faster!

Lee Anderton (46)
Level 3, UK

I signed up with Tower26 after being stuck at 1:52 per 100m pace, as part of 100m repeats, for nearly 2 years and only seeing my IM swim time drop from 1:14:00 to 1:12:00. I was swimming between 9k and 11k every week, so volume was not the obvious factor holding me back. Like a lot of triathletes coming from a non-swimming background I was looking for the one secret key that would transform me that everyone else seemed to know. Fast forward almost 12 months and after a lot of hard work with consistency I’m close to holding 1:40 per 100m as part 100m repeats.
What I have learned from the Tower26 coaching program is that there is not one magic key. It is a mix of several contributing factors, that if you dedicate yourself consistently with mindfulness, using the right prescription of workouts you can improve. Best swimming investment I’ve ever made.

Level 2

Taren Gesell (Triathlon Taren) (35)
Level 2, Winnipeg, Canada

Gerry and the Tower 26 program is unlike anything else in the triathlon swimming industry. I believe Gerry has the most in-depth knowledge of the unique requirements of triathletes as it relates to their swim training, and he has an amazing ability to distill that knowledge down to an easy to understand and execute program. In the few months I’ve been on the Tower 26 program I’ve been able to get out of the water fresh enough that I’ve had career-best bikes and runs in every race I’ve done this year.

Jennifer Henkel (52)
Level 2, Gig Harbor WA

Over the past year, I feel as though I have taken a master class in triathlon swimming. Through repetition, visualization and focused dedication to studying the content-rich information Gerry presents each week, I have transformed my triathlon swim segment into a powerful tool which sets me up for the best race possible. I credit Gerry and the TOWER 26 program with my qualification to the ITU World Championships.

Level 1

Sean Hale (37)
Level 1

Gerry has created a world class online coaching program. It has everything you need to become a faster swimmer, including constant feedback from the coaches. My 1k time trial pace has dropped from 1:21/100y to 1:10/100y, and my HIM swim time from ~30 minutes to ~26 minutes, all in one off-season. Tower 26 is truly the best money I've ever spent on triathlon.

Jessica James (31)
Level 1, Los Angeles

I started training as a pool swimmer when I was 9 years old, and have been swimming most of my life. But I had never swum open water seriously before I started training with Tower 26. In just 5 months of training, my 1k time trial dropped 34 seconds, and over the last 14 months of training with Tower 26 I’ve placed on the overall women’s podium in multiple ocean races. After putting in many hours learning Gerry’s philosophy and system, I’m proud to now be a part of the Tower 26 coaching team.


Lionel Sanders
Professional triathlete: 14 x 70.3 champ and 3 x IM champ with world’s fastest IM time of 7:44.29, Canada

With over a generation of experience, Gerry has a wealth of knowledge. Through seeing technique and training fads come and go, he has been able to discern what truly creates fast triathlon swimmers. He is not partial to any philosophy and is not dogmatic in his approach. I think this is what makes him a highly effective coach. And that's why I've trusted and used Gerry as my swim adviser.

Rachel McBride

I’ve never smiled so much coming out of the water than the past 12 months. Can’t thank you enough, Gerry.

Meredith Kessler
Professional triathlete, 11 x IM champ and 21 x 70.3 champ, Ohio

Gerry has created a profound professional foundation of knowledge, focus, attentiveness and genuine care within his world class TOWER 26 program. Not only do you grow and evolve as a swimmer, you learn and understand how to swim smarter. Gerry impacts lives. He sets all of his athletes up for success and his coaching techniques enrich your athletic performance. Gerry's experience, passion and caring personality can lift your swimming stamina and your ability to be properly prepared on race day. He has definitely helped mine!

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